Customize your as-built survey:

Standard Floor Plan

For test-fits or basic space planning, a standard architectural floor plan may meet your requirements. These show the precise locations of walls, windows, man doors and overhead doors, fixed millwork such as kitchenettes, copy counters, or vanities, standard plumbing fixtures, columns, floor level changes (ie: stairs). Room ID Tags and ceiling heights are included, along with a floor area disclosure which is calculated using the most relevant commercial measurement standard.


Additional Data Points

For a more comprehensive view of your project site, you can request additional data such as:

Mechanical Components

The location and size of HVAC ducts, diffusers, air returns, VAV boxes, and RTUs along with their specifications. Typically presented on a Reflected Ceiling or Plenum Plan. (see additional drawing types below)

Electrical Components

The location and types of outlets, switches, panels, sub-panels, transformers, meters, etc. Lighting types and locations can be added to a Reflected Ceiling Plan (see our deliverables options below)

 Plumbing Components

Plumbing fixtures are already included in our standard floor plans, however, we can also add locations of clean outs, wall and floor drains, potable water lines, waste lines, backflow prevention, etc.

Life and Safety Components

The location of fire sprinkler heads and lines, extinguishers, panels, detectors, emergency and exit lighting, etc.

Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment

Merchandising fixtures, such as gondolas and wall mount systems, food prep and service equipment, point of sale furniture and equipment, storage racking, etc.

IT Infrastructure

Server racks with their specs, cable trays, cable runs, data outlets, etc.


Project Deliverables

How do you want to visualize and work with the survey data? Customize your plan set and file package to include:

Reflected Ceiling Plans (RCP)

Plenum Plans

Roof Plans

Exterior Elevations

Interior Elevations


Structural Plans

Photo Set with Location Plan

Building Model (Revit or AutoCAD)

Virtual Tours

360 Photos


Your custom as-built

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