Frequently Asked Questions

Accuracy - How accurate are your measurements? What is the margin of error?

Our laser distance meters are accurate within 0.04 inches from between 0.17 and 984 feet. Our scanners have a 3D accuracy of 6mm at 10m, and 8mm at 20mm. Since the built environment is never perfectly orthogonal, our surveyors employ best practices like benchmarking, checks, and measurement verifications to ensure overall accuracy.

Technology - What specific technologies or tools do you use to ensure the accuracy of your measurements?

Our distance meters are the Leica S910 and X4 models. Our scanners and other tools include the Leica BLK3D, Leica BLK360, Matterport Pro2 & Pro3. In regards to our processes, our surveyors perform frequent field verifications, and our post-survey drawing production stage includes multiple checkpoints.

Standards - How are floor measurement standards like BOMA and IPMS applied in your work?

Floor measurement standards are a means of clear communication between parties to a real estate transaction. These parties frequently employ a third-party expert, such as As-Built Measuring Services, to identify both the physical boundaries of the subject property, and classify the various common areas as per these standards. Therefore, there are two primary components to our Floor Area Surveys: 1. A field survey that focuses on collecting key spatial data like location, thickness, and composition of boundary walls as well as curtain wall depth and structure. Surveyors will also ensure they properly identify common areas and determine which tenant areas they serve. 2. A deliverables production phase where we  perform area calculations, tabulate the common area allocations, and produce our industry-leading document packages.

Turnaround Time - What is the typical turnaround time for your services, from the initial survey to the final report?

This will depend on a few factors such as the size of the subject property, the geometric complexity, the level of detail being captured, and the type of deliverables. Our turn-around can therefore be anywhere from 1 day to 2 weeks depending on those factors.

Pricing - How do you structure your pricing? Is it based on the size of the property, the complexity of the job, or some other factors?

Our pricing algorithm requires the following inputs: The use-type of the property (ie: a large, open warehouse space vs. a densely developed medical facility)and the approximate gross area of the property create a base cost. Thereafter, whatever additional details such as mechanical components or retail fixturing, as well as file types such as a Revit or 3D CAD model or a virtual tour are added as an additional percentage of the base cost. We are happy to provide a free, no obligation quote for your specific project.

Experience - Can you provide examples of your completed projects?

Since 2008, we have completed well over 1500 floor area surveys ranging from retail strips to multi-building office, industrial, and flex complexes across Canada and overseas. We have also completed over 600 pre-construction surveys where we survey and deliver detailed as-built plans.

Client Support - What kind of ongoing support do you provide once the initial survey and reports are completed?

Our clients regularly reach out to us for input regarding with various BOMA questions, and we always reply promptly. Our clients may want to cap a building’s gross-up or re-classify a space within the parameters of a standard, we oblige promptly. As deals are negotiated, tenant areas are subdivided or portions returned to the landlord we provide initial area re-calculations. Our dedicated drawing production team is always ready to assist with questions and revisions.

Team - Who would be the main point of contact for our project? Can you tell me about their experience?

Each of our projects are important to us and are overseen by our Principal, Operations. Scheduling, logistics, and accounts are handled by our Project Coordinator. Field Operations are overseen by our Project Manager, Surveys. Our Deliverables Manager is responsible for all documentation. Combined, our leadership team has over 60 years of experience in construction, geophysics, and architecture.

Legal Compliance - How do you ensure compliance with local regulations and laws related to property measurements and floor plans?

BOMA and IPMS are voluntary standards and do not have government oversight. BOMA is ANSI (American National Standards Institute) certified. When it comes to area disclosures, registered condominium plans supercede any voluntary standards.

Virtual Tours - How detailed are your virtual tours?

Our tours are high definition, and our technicians ensure extensive coverage and logical navigation around the subject location. We also can incorporate hot links that convey additional information relevant to your objectives.

Virtual Tours - Can they be integrated into our existing property management software or website?

Our virtual tours are easily integrated. We send you links that can be shared, as well as an html embed code for easy integration into your online marketing.

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