Redevelopment Surveys

Our Goal: To give you a complete picture of your project sites.

We recognize that the data we collect informs your design decisions. Design and fabrication specifications will be based on our drawings, and we don’t take that lightly. With those facts in mind, we take pride in our accuracy and attention to detail.

Bluetooth-tethered survey instruments, high-powered mobile workstations, and cloud computing allow our site and office teams to collaborate on surveys. Our approach takes full responsibility of a project from the site visit through to the delivery of your files. With our “boots on the ground”, you benefit from live, real-world inspection and analysis. Our site technicians also have real-time office support and quality control to ensure nothing gets missed.

What type of site data is typically collected?

  1. Visible Structural and Architectural Elements
  2. Visible Heating, ventilation and cooling components (incl. any spec sheets)
  3. Visible Electrical components (incl. any spec sheets)
  4. Water and sanitary outputs and inputs
  5. Visible low voltage components (security, data)
  6. Fire/Life Safety components
  7. MEP service inputs (size and location)
  8. Any project specific equipment & fixturing (ie: food service equipment)

What files are included in my survey document package?

When your survey package is ready, you will receive a link to our Virtual Plan Room. Here you can download and share your project files. The project folder will contain a PDF plan set, the AutoCAD or Revit file, and a folder structure containing numbered and organized project photos. One of the plan set sheets will contain hyperlinked 360 photos (hosted by, giving a virtual tour of your project site.

When can I expect my document package?

Up to 5,000 square feet: 1 business day from site work.

Up to 10,000 square feet: 1-2 business days from site work.

Over 10,000 square feet: will depend on project scope and complexity.

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