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You manage the requirements of tenants, landlords, and municipalities. Our tools and support make your job a little easier.

What can we build for you?

Surveyed Floor Plans


We deliver highly precise plans with verifiable dimensions and area calculations. To ensure a quick turn-around without sacrificing quality, our survey and production teams collaborate closely on all projects. Responsive service that understands our clients’ needs is our hallmark.

What is included on our plans?

We survey all visible architectural and structural components, including: mullions and glazing, stairwells and elevator shafts, tenant partitions, openings, plumbing fixtures, fixed millwork, as well as use specific information depending on occupancy type, such as clear heights, loading door types, etc. All drawings include an area certification.

What file types will I receive?

Our standard deliverable includes a PDF plan set along with an AutoCAD file (.DWG)

When can I expect my drawings?

Same day or next day delivery is typical for most of our projects involving vacancies for lease and marketing.

Floor Area Surveys


Over time, building assets undergo significant changes. Additions, modifications, re-purposing, sublets, lease modifications, changes in ownership or management, and other factors can blur the picture of your space accounting. Our BOMA floor area surveys will bring your space back into focus.

How are Floor Area Surveys Used?

Landlords use floor area surveys to calculate the “Rentable Area” of their buildings and individual tenant spaces. Since space is typically leased by the square foot, accurate measurements and common area allocations are crucial. We deliver certified drawings that clearly show lease boundaries and their measurements.

What are BOMA Standards?

BOMA stands for “Building Owners and Managers Association”. BOMA publishes a comprehensive set of measurement standards that provide the parameters for building measurement and common area allocation. These standards are widely accepted as the basis for area definitions in lease agreements.

Why Us?

We are highly experienced in surveying commercial properties and applying BOMA standards. Our clients turn to us for guidance, accurate interpretations of BOMA principles and surveys of their assets. We’re always ready to answer any BOMA or measurement questions you may have.

Pre-Construction Surveys


Often referred to as Lease or Tenant Outline Drawings, these are data rich drawings that include MEP & LSS components in multiple plan views. An excellent asset for buildings that do not have up to date plans. These detailed drawings facilitate building maintenance and test-fits. Learn more

Can I customize what information and drawings I will receive?

Absolutely…you decide exactly what data and drawings you need, and that fit your project budget. Visit our Quote Request page to see how it works.

What type of data do you collect?

Size, type, and precise locations of architectural, structural, mechanical, electrical, plumbing, life safety, furniture, fixtures, and equipment components, as well as any specifications we can ascertain (ie: RTU and electrical service). Learn More

What type of files will I receive?

Your file package can contain drawing sets that include floor, ceiling, and roof plans, elevations, and sections. We can also provide reports that include specs on mechanical and electrical components, comprehensive photo sets, and more. Our intent is to provide decision makers with all the site data they require to make informed choices. Learn more

Demising Plans


When landlords and tenants have specific square footage needs, our experienced team can prepare logical demising plans that satisfy these requirements.

What turn around can I expect?

Our drawing production team aims for same or next day turn-arounds. We know you have deals waiting, and we want to help you get to the finish line.

What calculations are included?

We will determine both the net (or usable area/occupant area) and gross (rentable) areas as long as we have sufficient building data on file or provided by our clients.

What measurement standard is applied?

We default to the most current BOMA floor measurement standard as per the predominant use-type of the property. However, if a measurement standard, or a certain methodology is specified in your draft lease, we will adhere to that.

Test Fits


Working on a deal? Our technologists can prepare custom, code-compliant test-fits at an affordable price and an accelerated timeline.

Will my plans adhere to Building Code Requirements?

Yes, our plans comply with all local and national building and fire codes.

What is included on the drawing?

Our standard test fit plans will show room tags, furniture, dimensions, and a requirement checklist as per your personnel, movable asset, and area requirements.

Do you offer visualizations?

Absolutely! We can render the space in 3D with light and texture for a realistic, immersive experience.

Site Plans


For managing parking, maintenance, or permitting, a current site plan is a valuable tool. We deliver cost-effective site plans to help you with the ongoing management of your assets.

How accurate are our site plans?

Typically accuracy is ~15cms.

What details are included?

Our site plans will show primary topographical features such as building envelopes, high level building demising, curbs, sidewalks, parking lines, drive lanes, adjacent roadways, surface electrical infrastructure, signage, and planting areas. Other project specific information such as planting identification and locations can also be included.

What types of files will I receive?

Your file package will contain the AutoCAD file and a PDF with editable fields for parking.

Virtual Tours


Navigate your managed sites without leaving your desk. A  virtual tour can give your team anytime access to high definition site walks. Isolate a vacancy tour to enhance your marketing.

What are virtual tours used for?

Virtual tours are a fantastic tool for real estate marketing. They also provide project stakeholders improved eyes on their sites from wherever they are located.

Are Matterports limited to indoor space?

Not anymore! We’re happy to have the new Matterport Pro 3 in our toolkits. It is not hampered by dim light or light saturation. Beautiful 360 HDR images are captured and stitched together, allowing for a more immersive experience indoors or out.

How do I view the tour once it has been captured?

Matterport virtual tours can be viewed on most web browsers and internet connected devices. We will send you a link and password if required, and an embed html code for your web site.

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