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You need reliable area measurements and great visuals. We have deep-level expertise with real estate measurement standards + we are now a Matterport Virtual Tour Provider. Our studio team can produce unique value-adds to make your tours stand out.

What can we build for you?

Surveyed Floor Plans


We deliver highly precise plans with experienced area analysis. To ensure a quick turn-around without sacrificing quality, our expert survey and production teams collaborate closely on all projects. Responsive service that understands our clients’ needs is our hallmark.

What is included on our plans?

We survey all visible architectural and structural components, including: mullions and glazing, stairwells and elevator shafts, tenant partitions, openings, plumbing fixtures, fixed millwork, as well as use specific information depending on occupancy type, such as clear heights, loading door types, etc. All drawings include an area certification.

What file types will I receive?

Our standard deliverable includes a PDF plan set along with an AutoCAD file (.DWG)

When can I expect my drawings?

Same day or next day delivery is typical for most of our projects involving vacancies for lease and marketing.

Virtual Tours


virtual tour will immerse prospective tenants and buyers in your listings from wherever they are located. They will drive more web traffic to your listing site. One study suggests that virtual walkthroughs can generate almost 50% more leads than conventional listings.

Are Matterports limited to indoor space?

Not anymore! We’re happy to have the new Matterport Pro 3 in our toolkits. It is not hampered by dim light or light saturation. Beautiful 360 HDR images are captured and stitched together, allowing for a more immersive experience indoors or out.

How do I view the tour once it has been captured?

Matterport virtual tours can be viewed on most web browsers and internet connected devices. We will send you a link and password if required, and an embed html code for your web site.

What about privacy concerns?

We ensure any sensitive data, such as branding, faces, or computer monitors are blurred out. Your viewers will only see what you want them to see.

Virtual Show Suites


Architectural renderings provide a visual impact that helps potential tenants and buyers make an emotional connection. Our studio team can develop architectural renderings for you that showcase the features and potential of a space in a realistic, attractive way. We have three rendering levels to choose from.

Tier 1: Watercolor Effect

Watercolor Effect

Watercolor Effect

This option renders existing conditions plus any additional architectural and furniture components in a sketch line view, along with some colorizing and patterns.

Tier 2: Furnished Photo

Furnished Photo

Furnished Photo

We render the color and texture of furniture and architectural finishes from a building model, and do a semi-transparent overlay on a matching perspective photo.

Tier 3: Full Rendering

Full Rendering

Full Rendering

This rendering really brings your concepts to life: a fully rendered architectural model with light, shadow, and texture.

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Want to combine an expert architectural survey with an immersive virtual tour?

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Whether you need accurate as-built plans for a single asset, or hundreds of locations across the country, our national survey team is ready to help.

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